[XML-SIG] [ANN] maki 20020625

Sam Brauer sam@webslingerZ.com
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 13:19:44 -0400 (EDT)

I just released a new version of maki.


maki is a webserving framework built on Python and XML. It allows a web 
developer to send an XML input document through any number of steps, where 
each step is either a stylesheet transformation or a custom process. A 
processor that evaluates embedded Python code is included. The output of 
each step is passed as the input to the next step (similar to a Unix 
pipe). Additionally, the output of each processor step can be cached for a 
user-specified time period. All configuration is done in XML files that 
allow you to specify rules based on matching paths against Unix-style 
wildcard patterns or regular expressions. 

The biggest change from previous versions is that this version can work 
with mod_python, FastCGI or Webware.  

I've also improved support of libxslt, added support for Pyana, made sure
it works with the latest version of 4xslt, and added some more examples.

Sam Brauer