[XML-SIG] Re: HTML<->UTF-8 'codec'?

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 08 Mar 2002 16:23:15 +0100

David Primmer wrote:
> Thank you! Yes. I didn't know you needed to use codecs.open() and I
> figured it had something to do with the serialization. Looks like I have
> to use codecs.open() or tack on .decode() everywhere I've used plain
> open() calls.
> I don't remember seeing that function used anywhere. This seems like
> pretty obscure stuff. I got the defaultencoding setting from an XML
> tutorial that noted it as a solution for toxml() barfing all the time.
> I worry that I won't have much support if I build my app around Unicode
> data. Are there many examples of its use?  Any info on Unicode in python
> other than the standard docs? I could only find this:
> http://www.reportlab.com/i18n/python_unicode_tutorial.html

You should take a look at the Unicode PEP 100 and the source code
in the encodings package if you're interested in writing codecs.

Other examples can be found in the python-codecs project on 
SourceForge. Tamito's JapaneseCodecs also provide a good intro-

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