[XML-SIG] Python and DOM

Norman Samuelson nhs@llnl.gov
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 10:47:24 -0800

We are developing a GUI, named Cyclops, that makes heavy use of XML.  The 
purpose of the GUI is to edit input files for large physics simulation 
codes, which have very large sets of input parameters.  The interface is 
defined in an XML file for each physics code we support.  This allows one 
GUI to support many physics codes.  Cyclops writes its output in XML, which 
is then translated by Xalan/Xerces to the format required by that physics 
code.  The toughest part of the project is writing input translators, codes 
that read the old text file format and transform it into XML.  We have done 
some of those translators in Perl, but we are considering Python for the 
next one.

One way of doing that is to write the XML directly.  That is a lot of work 
and can be difficult to maintain.  I would like to try building a DOM tree, 
then simply let DOM write the tree out in XML.  Is there a DOM interface 
for Python that would be suitable for that?

Please reply to me directly as I am not yet a subscriber to the xml-sig.

- Norm -

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