[XML-SIG] Python and DOM

Alan Kennedy pyxml@xhaus.com
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 08:56:03 EST5EDT

> Cyclops writes its output in XML, which 
> is then translated by Xalan/Xerces to the format required
> by that physics code.  


If you're working with Xerces/Xalan for Java, then it might 
be best for you to work in Jython (A java implementation of 
Python), which will give you the flexibility of Python, 
with seamless access to Java objects and classes. This 
would mean that you wouldn't have to learn a new XML/DOM 
API, simply use the Java ones you're already familiar with, 
in jython.


If you're using Xerces/Xalan for C++, then you might be 
interested to check out the Pirxx and Pyana projects, which 
embed Xerces C++ and Xalan C++, respectively, in CPython.


Just a thought that might make your task a little easier.


Alan Kennedy.

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