Rf. : Re: [XML-SIG] raise _exceptions.SAXReaderNotAvailable

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
13 Mar 2002 18:25:51 +0100

Francois-regis Chalaoux <Francois-regis.Chalaoux@sanofi-synthelabo.com> writes:

> Yes, I copied the pyexpat module.  and import xml.parsers.expat is
> working if /usr/local/lib where is libexpat.so.0 is in the
> These tests were realized with the account 'user1' on command line.
> However, the cgi, which doesn't work, is call by 'user1' (son of
> root daemon which start Apache) with an environment which may not
> the same. os.environ.items() doesn't give me the
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH. How to get it if a good track ?

I recommend to not using a shared libexpat; instead, I strongly advise
to use the expat sources that come with PyXML (i.e. *not* using the
system's expat).

If that is not acceptable, you can try giving a -R/--rpath option to
the linker when building pyexpat.so. Please see ld(1) for details.