[XML-SIG] Dropping Python 1.5 support in PyXML

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
27 Mar 2002 10:41:02 +0100

Dinu Gherman <gherman@darwin.in-berlin.de> writes:

> > For most part, it would not be actively dropped. Instead, we'd just
> > remove the restriction that new code must work with 1.5
> Well, that is enough to make new versions of PyXML incompatible with 
> Python 1.5, isn't it? If so, this measure probably does qualify as
> "actively dropped support for 1.5".

Not necessarily. Someone could volunteer to back-port all changes to 1.5.
Also, it may be that users of Python 1.5 don't care about new features,
as long as it still installs.

> Isn't that a highly subjective argument? For others list comprehen-
> sions qualify as a more or less efficient obfuscation mechanism.

To modify a Linus Torvalds quote: He who writes the code choses the
syntax. If the authos, of, say, c14n.py would like to use list
comprehensions in his code, I had no problems with that. If somebody
contributed a patch to xmlproc to change all loops to list
comprehensions, I'd check with the xmlproc author first.

Being able to use the latest language features is attractive for some
developers, and I'd like to attract developers to contribute to PyXML.