[XML-SIG] docu for pyXML version 0.8.x

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 21:27:56 -0700

> I'm searching for some useful documentation for pyXML version 0.8.x, as the docu
> I could find is for version 0.7.1 and seems to be outdated.
> If anyone could point me to a good introduction to using SAX with pyXML or a
> good book on Python and XML (that isn't outdated), I would be grateful.

There may be some helpful stuff in


I try to mark obsolete resources.  If you find any that er obsolete that I 
don't indicate as such, please let me know.  Ditto if you find other resources 
I'm missing.

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