[XML-SIG] Problems installing PyXML-0.8.1 on windows

Bob Marshall Bob Marshall"<bob.marshall@fallingblossoms.com
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 15:46:48 -0000

Hi there,

  I've just downloaded the PyXML-0.8.1.win32-py2.1.exe file from sourceforge 
and am trying to install it. But when the Setup program gets to the second 
screen the 'select python installtion to use' box is empty and I can't type 
anything into the 'Installation Directory' box either. What can I do?

  N.B. My relevant Python is 2.1.3 (which came bundled with Zope 2.6) and 
the OS is Windows XP(Home)-SP1.

  Thanks in advance for any assistance!