[XML-SIG] Re: [Announce] Gnosis Utils 1.0.5

Brian Lalor blalor+dated+1038842482.52725c@ithacabands.org
27 Nov 2002 08:22:52 -0700

William Dode <wilk-ml@flibuste.net> writes:

> mertz@gnosis.cx (David Mertz, Ph.D.) writes:
> > Try it out, have fun, send feedback!
> Thanks for your great tools and papers, they help me a lot to learn.
> About fun and xml, i would like to know if you or somebody else have
> written somethings about jabber ?

Check out http://jabberpy.sf.net/; I've written several scripts that use it
and it is very well done, but not without some bugs.

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