[XML-SIG] RE: Transformation using XSLT

Juergen Hermann Juergen Hermann" <jh@web.de
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 17:15:45 +0100

On 30 Nov 2002 11:17:30 +0100, Martin v. L=F6wis wrote:

>Amarsh Movva <amarshmovva@yahoo.com> writes:
>> I was looking for any information on XML transformation using XSLT,
>> something like XALAN . Xalan supports Java and C++, does python have
>> any modules that do the same. If yes can you please help me with
>> some information about it.
>With PIRXX, Xalan supports Python.

Or with Pyana, maybe. ;)

Ciao, J=FCrgen