PyXML XPath and XSLT Re: [XML-SIG] Mass assignment of 4Suitebug reports

Brian Quinlan
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 11:54:10 -0700

> I'm all for this.  What I would like to see then in xml.xpath and
> xml.xslt is smart import logic similar that in the default xml.
> So, if a user tries to import xml.xslt.processor it will first look to
> see if Ft.Xml.Xslt.Processor is available, and if not, then try
> xml.pyxslt.Processor.  Or, any other of the xslt processors that
> are proposing.

Please don't do this. The smart import used by PyXML has caused me
serious problems in the past.

Unless the two libraries are going to be bug for bug compatible, then
I'd like to be able choose myself.