[XML-SIG] Ann: PXTL, the Python XML Templating Language

Andrew Clover and-xml at doxdesk.com
Sun Aug 10 10:51:34 EDT 2003

PXTL is the Python XML Templating Language, a templating solution
for producing XML, HTML and other text-based document types.

Yes, sorry - it's another templating language.

However, PXTL has some useful characteristics shared by no other
Python templating language (that I have met, at least):

  - templates are pure XML-with-Namespaces documents, allowing
    authors to take advantage of generic XML authoring, testing and
    manipulation tools;
  - code structure is represented by nodes in the document tree:
    making the document hierarchy and the program hierarchy the
    same results in templates that are easy to read, write and debug;
  - powerful Python-style structural tools such as subtemplates and
    imports allow modular templates to be written.

The PXTL language spec has reached revision 1.0, release candidate.
Documentation is here:


See the tutorial for syntax examples.

The reference implementation of PXTL (version 0.9) is also now
available. It is a full DOM-based implementation of XML with
following features:

  - on program error, can write a useful in-depth debugging page
    for testing, aiding rapid development;
  - can read and return DOM Document trees, not just serialised
  - works anywhere: pure-Python package compatible with Python
    1.5.2 and later (tested up to 2.3), with no non-standard
    dependencies or reliance on any application framework.

The reference implementation is intended for testing, development,
batch jobs and interactive use on low-traffic web sites only. An
'optimised' implementation will be included in the package as a
drop-in upgrade later in the year, for high-traffic web sites
which require only text output.

Documentation and download (licence: new-BSD-style) here:


Andrew Clover
mailto:and at doxdesk.com

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