[XML-SIG] BookmarkBridge Uses XBEL

Ken Schenke kschenke at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Aug 12 21:09:02 EDT 2003


I am the author of a C++ program called BookmarkBridge, available for 
Linux and Windows.  It is an open source tool hosted by SourceForge at 

BookmarkBridge merges bookmarks between multiple browsers on a user's 
PC.  Right now it supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera.  I 
plan to add support for Konqueror and Galeon in the future.

BookmarkBridge stores a copy of the merged bookmarks using the XBEL 
format.  I mention this in the user manual with a link to your site. 
During development I wrote a couple of Python programs to perform 
regression testing on the XBEL file produced by the application.

Thank you for a well-defined, public file format that enables my 
application to share information with other applications easily.

Ken Schenke
BookmarkBridge Author

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