[XML-SIG] xml-rpc and http proxy servers

Jurkowski, Jason Jason.Jurkowski at usa.xerox.com
Wed Aug 13 16:02:25 EDT 2003

i love the simplicity of the xml-rpc interface to the google spelling
service (http://google.xmlrpc.com).  i find it so much easier to use a small
xmlrpclib-based python script to query for spellings instead of pulling up a
big, clunky browser and using a web page like dictionary.com.

there is a problem though.  at work i have to run http through a proxy
server.  urllib supports proxies fine, however xmlrpclib is run over httplib
directly.  is there chance xmlrpc lib could be modified to examine and use
the http_proxy environment variable like urllib does?  the ability of
xml-rpc to run through firewalls is one of its greatest strengths :).


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