[XML-SIG] Python / XML / XSLT vs. Cocoon for website server side

Thomas B. Passin tpassin at comcast.net
Thu Aug 14 23:22:07 EDT 2003

[Richard Johannesson]

> I am laying out a new medium size website that I was hoping I could use
> Python / XML on the server side. This is a brand new site, no e-commerce
> first, but will add later. Site will need the blog, wiki, group calendar,
> and other basic features. The size of site will initially about 50 pages,
> but should grow quickly to few thousand pages. Much of the content will be
> produced by users. So, main concern is being able to apply stylesheets to
> content to keep a consistent look.

Why don't you just use Plone?  No need to reinvent the wheel.  Plone is
built on Zope, so there is your Python.  It does not use xslt, but its page
templates are in ZPT, which is actually an xml-based language.  Plone, as a
content management system,  should do anything you need, and you can always
extend it (Python programming and ZPT) as needed.  Plone uses an extensive
set of skins to get its appearance, and the page layout and appearance can
be massively customized if you want.


Tom P

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