[XML-SIG] Python / XML / XSLT vs. Cocoon for website server side

Richard Johannesson rtjohan at syspres.com
Fri Aug 15 00:27:34 EDT 2003


Good article you put together - very informative. It definetly helps - now
I'll have to take another look at Zope.

Does Zope make it as easy to keep a strict seperation between the content /
presentation / business logic that Cocoon promises? Were you able to
implement the XSLT transformation in Zope with your modifications that
Cocoon offers? If you were forced to move to Cocoon - how much recoding
would be needed? 20%? 50%? 80%?

Did you consider any of the following [+my impressions]:
 Webware? [very nicely done, concerned not large enough user community -
prefer XSLT over PSP]
 Quixote? [seemed like to choice, but prefer standard markup like XSLT]
 CherryPy? [prefer XSLT]
 Mod_python? [will use in production release]
 Albatross? [?]
 Twisted? [?]

Which XML libraries did you decide to use?
 Pyana? [seems useful]
 PIRXX? [seems redundant]
 4Suite? [top condender]
 PyXML? [seems like a must]

Thanks again,

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>I went through a similar decision process last November.  I
>wrote up the
>results here:
>Although it is dated, the basic conclusions are still valid
>IMO.   Both products have gotten significantly better
>since then.   There are also other python-based frameworks I have
>learned about since that time that probably
>should have been part of the evaluation, such as Twisted and 4Suite.
>Hope this helps,

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