[XML-SIG] Anybody using PyXML (4DOM) HTML DOM?

Jeremy Kloth jeremy.kloth at fourthought.com
Mon Aug 25 12:47:43 EDT 2003

John J Lee wrote:
> Does anybody use PyXML's (4DOM's) HTML DOM implementation (including the
> implementors themselves)?

To answer for the implementors, we (Fourthought) no longer use 4DOM nor any
of its components.  We stopped using it shortly after it was added to PyXML
for speed/memory issues.

It was last updated to the specification *BEFORE* XHTML was incorporated
into the HTML DOM spec (late 2000).  While there have been some tweaks to
get it to work with XHTML, support for it is spotty at best.

> A couple of examples where it looks clearly broken, which makes me suspect
> nobody but me is using it:

The bugs you found are right per the current spec, but as already stated,
when using the implemented spec
(http://www.w3.org/TR/2000/PR-DOM-Level-2-HTML-20000927) it behaves as

Currently I have niether the time nor desire to go through and update it to
the most recent spec.  If support for the latest specification is what you
want/need, you will probably need to update 4DOM's HTML on your own (or find
someone to volunteer).  Other developers for PyXML may feel differently,

Jeremy Kloth
Fourthought, Inc. (http://fourthought.com/)
4Suite XML/RDF Platform (http://4suite.org/)

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