Domel ddooss at wp.pl
Tue Aug 26 21:31:42 EDT 2003

I write new XML language - BarML. BarML is to make Side Navigation
Bar like in HTML/XHTML in <link /> element with rel attribute (for
example <link rel="first" tyle="text/html" href="first.html" />. But
BarML has more possibilities that <link /> element. We can create new
folder (for example not only rel="bookmark" ) and named it how we
want. We can also create links and maned it how we want too. And all
folders and links we can set in bar how we want.
Most sides have own navigation and it different that rel value and in
BarML there are not this problem.

Can I publish my specyfication on your web (like XBEL)?

Best wishes,

Dominik Tomaszuk

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