[XML-SIG] Re: inline html using elemettree

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sun Aug 31 12:58:05 EDT 2003

Jason Thompson WROTE:

> I'm currently writing a blog-like system using elementtree to write the posts
> to xml. It's all working very nicely only the content element I created has
> to contain html markup. The problem is, when I write this to file using
> elementtree the html tags are escaped. Is there a way to write the posting to
> file using elementtree, but maintaining the html markup inside the content
> tags?
> e.g.
> <content><p>This is where the html content goes</p></content>

you cannot embed arbitrary HTML inside an XML document without
ending up with invalid XML.

if you cannot guarantee that the HTML is well-formed, you have to
escape it (this is how it's usually done in RSS, for example).

    from elementtree.ElementTree import Element

    content = Element("content")
    content.text = html_as_text

if you can guarantee that the HTML is well-formed, parse it to XML,
and embed the resulting XML structure:

    from elementtree.ElementTree import Element, XML

    content = Element("content")

note that you can use the ElementTidy extension to convert arbitrary
HTML to well-formed (X)HTML; for details, see:



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