[XML-SIG] Working with non-compliant XML utilities

Martin v. Löwis martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Dec 11 16:07:25 EST 2003

"Alleman, Lowell" <lalleman at mfps.com> writes:

> The order that the attributes should appear happens to be the same order
> that they are listed in the <!ATTRLIST> in the DTD.  I've tried to pull out
> the DTD info using 4DOM and minidom, but haven't had much success. 

You should explicitly use xmlproc, and install a DTDListener. The
add_attribute callbacks will come in the order of attribute declaration.

> I did notice that 4DOM seemed to choke on ENTITY references ( %entity_ref; )
> when the DTD was inline.  Can anyone confirm that?

No. 4DOM only uses some underlying parser, so it will never choke
itself - if something chokes, it is the underlying parser.


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