[XML-SIG] reading a text file using python

aravind c aravind c" <caruvi@rediffmail.com
23 Feb 2003 04:59:48 -0000


      I need some help on reading a file using python.  I have 
used C to write a structure into a file using fwrite:


  Now I want to read the contents of the file using python and 
process it.
Writing another routine in C which uses fread will enable me to 
get the contents back in the structure.I want to call this C 
routine from python and convert the structure to an equivalent 
data structure in python.

       Is this the way to go about solving my problem ?  If so, 
what should I do to call a C routine from python and to want data 
structure in python should  I convert it so that the contents are 

        If this is not the best way to go about solving the 
problem, can you suggest some other method.