[XML-SIG] xist

Walter Dörwald walter@livinglogic.de
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 11:59:14 +0100

Darryl Cousins wrote:
> Hi List,
> I've been playing around with xist;
> http://www.livinglogic.de/Python/
> My problem tho' is using ll.xist.parsers. I figure the problem
> is with the encoding but I'm not dead sure.
> I've built up a simple little application using xist but doing
> the parsing with xml.dom.minidom.

ACAICT minidom is a DOM parser, i.e. it gives you an XML tree
using it's own DOM classes. XIST requires a SAX2 parser for
parsing (I've only tested it with smlgop and expat though)

> It would have been easier, I'm
> sure, using the xist parsers.
> I'm using python-2.2.
> If anyone is using xist in application development or if any
> livinglogic developers are following the list

I am.

> I'd be keen
> to discuss the problems I'm having.

    Walter Dörwald