[XML-SIG] Suggested approach for parsing WSDL?

Mark Bucciarelli mark@easymailings.com
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 19:34:03 +0000

What is the easiest way to use Python to parse WSDL (using Python 2.2)?  I 
would like to parse the WSDL and return a list of the remote method 
definitions and their locations.  Ideally, this script should only depend on 
standard python libraries.

I currently have something working using wsdllib.py (downloaded from 
IBM--thanks U.O.!).  However, this requires 4Suite, and I had a few problems 
getting this to work with Python 2.2 on Windows (see below), so I started 
looking for alternatives.

Any and all suggestions welcome.  Thanks!

(1) wsdllib + 4Suite

The version of wsdllib I have needs Ft.Lib.pDomlette.  However, when I 
installed 4Suite 0.12, this file was not there.  Do I need another library, 
or both? Did this file used to exist in 4Suite 0.11?

(2) pyGoogle, SOAP.py

This is a fork of the SOAP.py from the pyWebSvcs project on sourceforge.  Mark 
Pilgrim modified the library to deal with the changes in Python 2.2.  
However, this does not have support for WSDL (it is on the TODO list).

I like this one b/c it does not rely on any other external libraries.

(3) ZSI

This is the other archive in the pyWebSvcs project.  Based on my quick read, 
it does not appear to support parsing WSDL.

It also wasn't clear if it worked with the latest pyXML version.  The 5/2/02 
IBM Developer works article says you need an older version, but 1.2 has been 
released since this article was written.