[XML-SIG] 4XSLT install problem

Michael Hall ninti@ninti.com
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 18:47:44 +1100

G'day folks:

I have just uninstalled the default 4Suite RPM that came with RedHat 7.2 
(version 0.11). It was working just fine, but as I'm trying to write an 
article about using open source XSLT processors (xsltproc,Sablotron,4XSLT) on 
the command line for batch transformations, I thought I'd better upgrade to 
the latest version.

I downloaded the source for 4Suite 0.12.0a3 and installed it using python 
2.1.1 to run setup.py (don't know if that is significant, but my RH 7.2 box 
also has python 1.5.2 installed).

The install appeared to go fine, but now 4XSLT can't be invoked from the 
command line as before. I get a "4xslt: command not found" message, although
if I run "locate 4xslt", I am informed that it is located in


What am I doing wrong? Is this expected behaviour for the latest version? Is 
this just a PATH issue?

PS: While I believe that Python is a great language (I'm coming from PHP), I 
find all the changes between Python1, Python2, and different versions of PyXML 
and 4Suite etc to be very confusing. Is there somewhere that I can find a 
coherent 'road map' to navigate through it all? Many books and tutorials on 
Python/XML appear to contain outdated information and broken examples that no 
longer work.


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