[XML-SIG] Expat 1.95.6 and PyXML 0.8.2

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 07:29:25 -0700

> A few days ago, I checked in the code I expected to release as Expat
> 1.95.6, and Martin released PyXML 0.8.2 based on that code.  Since
> then, one of the Expat bugs fixed in that code was fixed in a more
> general and robust way, and Expat 1.95.6 was released with that code.
> So, we have a little conundrum:  PyXML 0.8.2 claims to contain Expat
> 1.95.6, and it *almost* does.  The chance that the additional
> improvement in Expat will actually be needed is incredibly low -- it
> doesn't affect applications that have a set the StartElementHandler on
> the Expat parser object.  But, the README is wrong about the version
> of Expat included, in this minor way.
> Does anyone feel that this is worth releasing a new version of PyXML,
> with the updated Expat code?  I suspect it makes more sense to simply
> document it somewhere (where???), but would like input from the
> community.

I think a note to this list, and to the news box on the SF page will do.  An 
entire new release may be overkill.

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