[XML-SIG] DTD help

Betty Harvey betty at eccnet.com
Mon Jul 14 10:09:42 EDT 2003


You can marry a document with a specific DTD by adding a DOCTYPE statement
in your document.

<!DOCTYPE mydtd SYSTEM "mydtd.dtd">

<!DOCTYPE mydtd SYSTEM "http://www.eccnet.com/dtds/mydtd.dtd">

The system identifier tells the parser where to locate the

Hope this helps.


On 14 Jul 2003, Janet wrote:

> Hi,
> I've got some understanding about processing XML with Python, which has
> already allowed me to develop an application. 
> However, I didn't manage to find a way to link what I did with the DTD. 
> My application works very well, but just because I created classes for
> generating & parsing each particular XML entity.
> Is that the way it is?
> I really think there must be more to it. I should be able to use the DTD
> document to generate and parse XML and/or check that XML documents
> conform to it by doing some kind of stuff about which I don't have any
> idea.
> I would really appreciate if someone showed me the way and guide me to
> achieve this (maybe by sharing some examples or some useful
> documentation).
> Thank you very much
> Regards,

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