[XML-SIG] PyXML API problem

Tim Diggins tim at red56.co.uk
Tue Jul 15 21:48:48 EDT 2003

a meagre (non expert) hint on the memory leak follows 
DOM objects are notorious for having cyclic references and thus preventing
garbage collection. Are you breaking this dependency and deleting the DOM
objects when you're finished with them?
Apologies if this is no longer relevant with the 2.x garbage collector. I
still delete things to free up memory when I'm feeling nervous and am not
sure when I'm doing it unnecessarily.

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Hi Guys, 

Python version : 2.2.2 
PyXML Version : 0.8.2 

I'm using PyXML API in my project and I have a strange  behaviour. I dont
know if its a memory leak problem or not. 
The problem I'm expreriencing is the following: 

- I have a server receiving queries of audit and inventory of the system.
The server creates XML dom for each query it receives.

- Before receiving the queries, I take a look to the memory used by my
server and I see that its 9 Megs 

- When the server starts processing the first audit the memory grows up to
36 Megs 

- but the memory is never released. but the strange is that when I do
another audit, the memory dont grow anymore. 

- How I can confirm that there is a memory leak? 
- How I can free this this memory ? 
- Is it normal that a dom takes all this memory ? 

I was using 4Suite API and I found a memory leak. Its why I'm using PyXML
now, Its slower and it takes more memory. 

Thanks for any hints 

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