[XML-SIG] PyXML API problem

Kamel Hamard (LMC) kamel.hamard at ericsson.com
Fri Jul 18 17:59:10 EDT 2003


The code I was using with 4Suite until now was working but it seems that there is small updates in this API. Like in the example bellow:

from Ft.Xml.Domlette import NonvalidatingReader, PrettyPrint, implementation 

def createDoc(self, node):
	#Create a document type node using the doctype name "report"
	#A blank system ID and blank public ID (i.e. no DTD information)
	doctype = implementation.createDocumentType(node, None, None) 
	#Create a document node, which also creates a document element node
	#For the element, use a blank namespace URI and local name "message"
	return(implementation.createDocument(EMPTY_NAMESPACE, node, None)) 

I'm not able to use 

implementation.createDocumentType(node, None, None) 

The same problem with createNodeIterator?

Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ? (this code was working correctly so far)



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