[XML-SIG] WebServices Tutorial

Jeremiah McElroy jeremiah at facility9.com
Wed Jul 23 09:08:10 EDT 2003

I have been searching on Google in a vain attempt to find a decent 
tutorial on using either SOAP.py or ZSI.  I've found the IBM 
DeveloperWorks tutorials, however they do not offer everything that I am 
looking for. 

While the tutorials cover how to access a web service that returns a 
single item, they do not cover how one might go about interacting with a 
web service that returns a complex dataset (such as a strongly typed 
DataSet from a .NET web service).  Nor do they go over how to create a 
web service that can return a strongly typed dataset or go over the 
creation of WSDL.

Thanks in advance for the help,

Jeremiah McElroy

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