[XML-SIG] libxml python bindings and other python DOM's

paul.boddie at ementor.no paul.boddie at ementor.no
Fri Jul 25 14:15:43 EDT 2003

Rich Salz [mailto:rsalz at datapower.com] wrote:
> Has anyone looked at what it would take to use the Gnome libxml python 
> bindings as a drop-in for 4dom, minidom, etc?

After seeing how fast libxml2 was, I gave it some consideration - it isn't
that hard to write some elementary DOM wrapper classes, after all. However,
for my purposes I rapidly discovered that libxml2's handling of namespaces
was somewhat different to minidom/cDomlette, and whilst it could be me who
has previously misunderstood the nuances of namespaces (see Andrew Clover's
chart for a slight indication of how inconsistencies between implementations
might promote such misunderstanding), I decided to reprioritize the work
until I could have a proper look at it.

I don't have my experiments in front of me, unfortunately, but I can dig
some code out which illustrates my confusion, if necessary.


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