[XML-SIG] libxml python bindings and other python DOM's

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Jul 25 22:51:34 EDT 2003

Rich Salz wrote at 2003-7-24 12:40 -0400:
 > Has anyone looked at what it would take to use the Gnome libxml python 
 > bindings as a drop-in for 4dom, minidom, etc?

I recently checked whether the XPath and XSLT support
of "libxml2/libxslt" could be used with a Python based DOM.
The (almost sure) answer has been: "no, they work only with the
'libxml2' DOM".

Our DOM/XPath/XSLT implementations are more flexible (though probably
much slower) than the ones of "libxml".

But, almost surely, you are not interested in this but to
take "libxml" for parsing and build our DOM structures from
this process.


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