[XML-SIG] Preparing 0.8.3

Martin v. Löwis martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Jul 28 21:55:52 EDT 2003

<paul.boddie at ementor.no> writes:

> It would be great if patch #721163 could get reviewed and included,
> especially since it's a one-liner. Even if XPath isn't a priority, a fix in
> that area would at least keep the support a bit more usable - it's a bit
> embarrassing not to be able to do "//element/subelement" without patching
> the sources.

I feel very uncomfortable with unjustified changes, i.e. changes for
which there is no test case which fails without the change, but passes
with the change. So unless you can demonstrate a problem in the next
few days, I'll likely ignore the patch for now - only to reject it
later if still not test case materializes.


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