[XML-SIG] Preparing 0.8.3

paul.boddie at ementor.no paul.boddie at ementor.no
Tue Jul 29 12:40:09 EDT 2003

Martin v. Löwis [mailto:martin at v.loewis.de] wrote:
> I feel very uncomfortable with unjustified changes, i.e. changes for
> which there is no test case which fails without the change, but passes
> with the change. So unless you can demonstrate a problem in the next
> few days, I'll likely ignore the patch for now - only to reject it
> later if still not test case materializes.

Yes, sorry about this. As my comments to the patch state, I couldn't
reproduce what seemed to be a pretty pathological issue with Python 2.2.2
and PyXML 0.8.2. I suppose there could have been some interference between
previously installed releases and/or 4Suite, but I thought I had been
thorough in erasing all that stuff.

Anyway, I'll keep trying - the patch made a lot of sense at the time.


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