[XML-SIG] Documenting DOM bugs

Martin v. Löwis martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Jun 13 21:43:32 EDT 2003

Andrew Clover <and-xml at doxdesk.com> writes:

> For this reason I've compiled a table of support and bugs for DOM Level 2
> Core/XML features that a typical DOM application might want to use. I've
> tested the minidoms supplied with common Python versions and PyXML packages,
> along with PyXML 4DOMs and - somewhat less thoroughly - the 4Suite Domlettes.
> I believe it would be helpful to put this sort of thing (with updates)
> somewhere fairly visible, to stop authors getting confused when their DOM
> applications don't work.

I'd be happy to put this either into the PyXML howto, or on a web page
of its own. Please let me know what your SF id is so I can you give
write access to the Web page.


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