[XML-SIG] Problem with wddx marshaller

Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Tue Jun 24 18:40:37 EDT 2003


> >
> > Yes, thought about this but wondered from where I get this variable.
> encoding is a pythom system wide variable:
> put in your sitecustomize.py the following:
> import sys
> encoding='iso-8859-1'
> sys.setdefaultencoding(encoding)

But don't I have to use the encoding defined in the XML header?
Just wondering.. 

I now use 

    s=map(lambda x: x.encode('iso-8859-1'),ds[-1])
    ds[-1] = str(string.join(s, ""))
    self.accumulating_chars = 0

because it's a list of strings which need to get converted. 
Might be better to use unicode only but then I would need to change
more of that marshaller and for my application this should be

What's the state of the WDDX marshaller anyway? Seems a bit dead, isn't
it? Because it implements wddx 1.0 and not 1.1 (don't know what has
changed but at least some <comment> field seems to be new in there
which basically does nothing ;-)


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