[XML-SIG] I don't understand this error -- please help

paul.boddie at ementor.no paul.boddie at ementor.no
Mon Jun 30 16:51:12 EDT 2003


The recent discussion of codecs.lookup and various resolved bugs in Python
[1] reminds me of previous issues with mod_python and cDomlette where output
documents would have strangely-encoded characters [2] in place of those
expected. At the time, it was suggested that certain library combinations
could cause such issues [3], especially since they only occurred with
cDomlette. However, the appearance of problems with module importing [4]
suggests that the two cases are related.

My real question is: will the recent Python 2.3-based fixes make it possible
to use mod_python with cDomlette again, or was the problem resolved
satisfactorily before? (I can't find any record of its resolution.)


P.S. Sorry for cross-posting, but the message has some relevance to both
lists (or at to least recent messages in the XML-SIG list).

[1] The recent discussion on the XML-SIG list:


[2] Encoding problems with mod_python and cDomlette:


[3] Suggestions as to the cause (Expat libraries):


[4] The most likely explanation (mod_python vs. Python):


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