[XML-SIG] Finding _xmlplus in Python 2.3a2

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 07:58:06 -0700

> >PyXML is indeed a special case, because it was subsetted into Python with the
> >explicit understanding on both sides (PyXML and Python/core), that the bundled
> >subset is a mere convenience, and that if PyXML is available, it's the real
> >deal.
> Perhaps the follow fixes are sufficient then:
>         Document this in big bold letters at the start of the XML
>         section of the Python manual.
>         Document this in big bold letters in the README, HOWTO, etc.,
>         of PyXML.
>         Ensure that Python *always* ships with PyXML, latest-stable
>         version.  Make it a file whose installation can be controlled
>         separately.
> This would perhaps set expectations properly.

I think this is the best proposal I've heard so far in this thread.  
Unfortunately, I sense that bundling PyXML would be a hard sell on python-dev 

I do think that Python's pace of change has picked up since the original 
_xmlplus decision, so I could also get behind a proposal that *eliminates* the 
separate subset of PyXML in Python.  Specifically:

* break PyXML in two packages such that there is no overlap at all between the 
* The base package (i.e. sax, and dom minus 4DOM, I think) *becomes* the part 
that is directly bundled with Python, i.e. disappears from the PyXML CVS and 
moves into Python CVS, with all that implies
* The python-xml-extras package (i.e. 4DOM, marshal, etc.) does indeed move to 
a separate top-level package name as a separate package

Having said that, the practicality is again in question: not just the 
workload, but the process of agreeing on exactly how to slice and dice PyXML.

But I do think this is a *much* better solution than ditching the _xmlplus 
method without merging PyXML-in-Python with PyXML-from-XML-SIG, and if a 
change did somehow become prctical, I would mive strongly for either Rich's 
proposal above, or, better yet, mine.

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