[XML-SIG] incremental XSL transformations

Felix Breuer felix@fbreuer.de
08 Mar 2003 20:32:24 +0100


I am looking for a XSLT processor that supports the following mode of

  * a source DOM tree to be transformed
  * a XSLT stylesheet

  * apply the stylesheet to the source tree to obtain a result DOM tree
  * obtain a mapping from the source tree to the result tree which maps
    elements/text nodes in the source tree to the set of elements/text
    nodes which have been generated from them by means of an XSLT

On changes in the source DOM tree:
  * incrementally modify the result tree accordingly
  * update the mapping

For more on such incremental transformations see:

Now my question is: Does 4XSLT or any other Python XSLT processor
support such a mode of operation or could be extended to support such a
mode of operation?

Thanks in advance,

Felix Breuer <felix@fbreuer.de>