[XML-SIG] Finding _xmlplus in Python 2.3a2

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Sat, 08 Mar 2003 18:24:02 -0700

> Martijn Faassen <faassen@vet.uu.nl> writes:
> > > While I can sympathize with these concerns, I don't think anything can
> > > be done to change the situation that isn't very painful, and requires
> > > more resources than I can offer.
> > 
> > We (at Infrae) can also put in some resources if necessary.
> Thanks for the offer. I would need somebody to do all the work, and
> take all the blame, someone who won't run away once the work is done
> and the user complaints come in (for, say, atleast two years). It
> would probably best if that person would take over a few PyXML
> releases (you can't have responsibility without power).
> That is not to say that I want to withdraw from PyXML, but I feel
> really uneasy about such a change, and I cannot defend something I
> don't believe in.

I'm certainly glad you don't want to withdraw from PyXML, and I certainly say 
that we should not go forward with any move that you would not be comfortable 
with.  You've largely directed the project for a long time now, and it would 
be both disrespectful of your effort and a foolish scorning of the most 
experienced developer to side-step your concerns.

I too an unconvinced of the strength of the argument for a straightforward 
removal of _xmlplus.  I thought, however, that a faster core Python release 
cycle means that we can maybe pursue a more broadly-considerd solution of 
simply eliminating the double-maintenance of core code.  If you think such an 
approach is too simplistic, then I'd reconsider my position.

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