[XML-SIG] Advice on how to deal with locking problems using python-wrapped C libs in MT frameworks like Zope/Twisted?

Craeg K Strong cstrong@arielpartners.com
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 13:13:34 -0500

Yes, indeed.  The problem, of course, will be to provide a small piece 
of code and a
reasonably efficient scenario to reproduce the problem.

Do you have any advice as to how I might go about doing this?  For example,
if you or another libxslt committer is already a Zope user, it may not 
be a big deal if
I register the bug report and attach a small snippet of python code to 
the problem while running inside Zope.   If not, it might be more 
difficult.  Is there an alternate, \
possibly more lightweight python framework you would prefer?

I can see I am going to have to educate myself on the intricacies of the 
Python/C API,
I can't put this off any longer... :-o


Daniel Veillard wrote:

>>GNOME libxslt 1.0.27 times out after a minute or two.
>  Well I don't know if the problem is in libxslt, but if you want me
>to look at the possible problem please follow the guidelines at:
>   http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/bugs.html
>  thanks,