[XML-SIG] Bug in SAXParseException class

Martin v. L÷wis martin@v.loewis.de
25 Mar 2003 00:42:10 +0100

Dennis Allison <allison@sumeru.stanford.EDU> writes:

> It looks to me as if the message has its arguments reversed in 
> PyXML-0.8.2.   
> The diagnostic raised prints 
> End tag for 'resources' seen, but 'garbagetag' expected
> for XML with the form
> <resources> ...stuff... <garbagetag> .....stuff..... </resources>
> where stuff is well-formed.  <grabagetag> is a tag inserted into 
> the XML for testing purposes.

I'm not sure what the bug is you want to report. What should the
message be instead? It says that it sees the end tag for resources,
and it does indeed: </resources>. It also says that it did not see the
end tag for garbagetag, and indeed, there was no end tag for
garbagetag. It then says this is an error, and it is indeed.

So what is the problem?