[XML-SIG] Bug with XML file having a doctype declaration

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 17:38:16 -0700

> Uche Ogbuji <uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com> writes:
> > expat.XML_PARAM_ENTITY_PARSING_NEVER should probably be a parameter to the 
> > relevant readers.  Anyone object if I make a backwards-compatible change in 
> > this direction?
> Yes. I cannot believe that a patch to simply replace
> XML_PARAM_ENTITY_PARSING_NEVER will be backwards compatible;

I agree.  Of course I never proposed such a simplistic patch.  I proposed to 
make it an init parameter.

> this setting was specifically introduced to fix a bug.
> If you want to make it optional, you should use a SAX feature instead.

Makes sense.  If I get around to this, I shall do it this way.  Thanks.

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