[XML-SIG] Uninstalling pyxml Fixes Crash

Mark Bucciarelli mark@easymailings.com
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 16:10:41 -0500

I know there was a really long and involved thread on this list 
recently about pyxml and _xmlplus.  I just fixed a crash by 
uninstalling pyxml, and I'd like to make sure I understand what 

"All of a sudden" I started getting a SAXParseException when accessing 
a SOAP method, code that previously had worked just fine.  The error 
message said that SAX could not resolve an external entity in the 

I realized I had installed pyxml in the interim, and remembering the 
thread here, I tried uninstalling it.  Voila, the code works fine.  

In a nutshell, is this what happened?  Pyxml libraries take precedence 
over the "core" libraries and behave differently?  In my particular 
case, the core libraries parse the DTD correctly and pyxml library 
does not?

I'm glad I subscribe here, because this kind of error would have been 
_really_ hard to debug without having read that thread.  From my 
perspective, it is completely unexpected that an installing an 
"third-party" library over-rides a core library--hence, a bug.