[XML-SIG] Uninstalling pyxml Fixes Crash

Mark Bucciarelli mark@easymailings.com
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 11:54:03 -0500

On Thursday 27 March 2003 7:10 pm, Martin v. L=F6wis wrote:
> Mark Bucciarelli <mark@easymailings.com> writes:
> > In a nutshell, is this what happened?  Pyxml libraries take
> > precedence over the "core" libraries and behave differently?
> Yes.
> > In my particular case, the core libraries parse the DTD correctly
> > and pyxml library does not?
> No. The core libraries would fail to read the DTD at all. This was
> reported as a bug, and fixed in PyXML (and will be fixed in Python
> 2.3 as well).

So it's either a bug in the DTD or the PyXML version I'm using.

Is there such a thing as an on-line DTD validator?  I didn't find one=20
on google.  Lacking that, I guess I need to download another SOAP=20
client that reads the DTD and see if the SOAP call works.  Is there=20
one client that is preferred over another for this task; for example,=20
a reference standard implementation?