[XML-SIG] ANN: Pyana 0.8.0 Released

Brian Quinlan brian@sweetapp.com
Fri, 02 May 2003 11:54:03 -0700

ANN: Pyana 0.8.0 Released

Download it from:


- Node-sets can now be passed as XPath extension arguments
- A few more DOM methods are exposed
- Experimental support for transformation to DOM
- Support for Python wide Unicode builds
- Support for external schema validation
- Bug fixes
- Mac OS X build support
- Updated for Xalan 1.5/Xerces 2.2
- Python2.3b1 support (including support for the new bool type
  in XPath expressions)
- The getEncoding(), getPublicID() and getSystemID() methods of 
  InputSource objects are now honored
- More detailed (and Python customizable) information presented 
  when DOM nodes are printed

What is Pyana?

Pyana is a Python interface to the Xalan C XSLT processor.

Some usage examples are provided here: