[XML-SIG] ANN: ElementTree 1.1

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Tue, 13 May 2003 18:22:28 +0200

The Element type is a simple but flexible container object, designed
to store hierarchical data structures, such as simplified XML infosets,
in memory.

The ElementTree toolkit contains an Element implementation in Python,
and code to read XML and HTML files into trees of Element objects, and
write them out as XML.

You can get the ElementTree toolkit from:


Changes include XML literal factory, a self-contained ElementTree
module, use ASCII as default encoding, and various minor speed and
memory optimizations, etc.  See the README file for details:


Brief documentation and some code samples (including an XML-RPC
unmarshaller in 16 lines) are available from:


For more background, see Uche Ogbuji's xml.com article:

    "Simple XML Processing With elementtree"

Report bugs to this list, and/or (preferred) directly to me.

enjoy /F