[XML-SIG] Favorez & XBEL

Tom Kalmijn tom.kalmijn@warpgear.com
Sat, 17 May 2003 18:22:50 +0200

hi there,

I am the author of a program called Favorez. Favorez
is an AxtiveX IE 5+ plug-in program that creates web 
pages from the users' favorites.

Favorez 1.2 has just been released and now supports 
the XBEL standard. I have been careful to make the
program adhere to the XBEL DTD.

Favorez 1.2 ships with several XSL transformation 
files that should be interesting to your audience.
The XSLT's can be used for any valid XBEL data file.

(example at the bottom of this email)

Favorez website:

I was hoping to maybe get into your list of XBEL 
compatible programs? :-)

Hope to hear from you and thanks for your efforts!

kind regards,

Tom Kalmijn
WarpGear Software

>>> example >>>

Here's an example of how the HTML page may look when
Favorez transforms the XBEL data:

The link will automatically transform in IE 5+.

Otherwise please follow this link (html):

The xml above points to this stylesheet:

When you download and install Favorez you will find
a total of three new XSLT's and I have also included
two XSLT's that I found on the web (from Juergen Hermann).

>>> note on XBEL compatibility >>>

The special favicons where added to the DTD like this:

  "+//IDN python.org//DTD XML Bookmark Exchange Language 1.0//EN//XML"
<!ENTITY % local.url.att "favicon CDATA '01.png' target CDATA '_blank'"> 

The XSL transformation templates actively check for these 
attributes and substitute values if needed.

I had considered using XML namespaces but didn't want to
end up with a well formed but "invalid" XBEL file. I have
read quite a few articles on DTD validation and namespaces
and I must admit: it did became a tiny bit hairy for me...

If you have read all the way down to here... I say cheers!
Thanks again for your time.