[XML-SIG] composite documents

Frederic Gobry frederic.gobry at smartdata.ch
Thu Nov 6 11:35:55 EST 2003


I wondered what the best solution would be to solve the following

I've two families of XML documents my application generates. The first
one (let's call it the Schema, even if it's a plain XML document) can
be saved standalone, or as part of the second (the Data).

I've a xml.sax.handler.ContentHandler derived class to parse the
Schema, and I would like to somehow reuse it in the content handler of
the Data parser. Is it possible, easy, not a good idea ?

Thanks for your enlighted comments :-)

 Frédéric Gobry       SMARTDATA    	  
 PGP: 5B44F4A5        Lausanne - Switzerland
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