[XML-SIG] supress DTD reading

Roman Kennke roman at interview-machine.com
Thu Nov 27 12:39:28 EST 2003


>>>(When I try this with xml.dom.reader.Sax2.Reader with the following XML
>>><?xml version='1.0' ?>
>>><!DOCTYPE env:Envelope SYSTEM "env.dtd"[]>
>>> ...
>>>I get an exception:
>>>ValueError: unknown url type: env.dtd
>> I suppose, this does not mean, that it the parser tried to read the DTD,
>> but it tried to parse the url and found, that it is not valid.
> It probably tried to parse the "[]" and did not like it.

Is this not legal? However, 'unknow url type: env.dtd' sounds like it has
something to do with the url 'env.dtd' ;-)


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