[XML-SIG] question on xmlproc source code

Markus Jais markus_jais at yahoo.de
Thu Oct 30 16:19:23 EST 2003


I am trying to understand some of xmlproc's code.

but now I have a maybe somewhat weird question.

the method "parse_end_tag" in xmlproc.py
seems to have a problem with indentation on my system. 
(I have the current cvs version of PyXML)

but the code seems to work. so this is probably a problem with my
but I never had this with any other python source code before.
and the whole rest of xmlproc is ok.

for example there is somethin like this:

    if name != elem:

I hope it is now screwed up by the mail client. 

I tried it with 3 editors (vim, jedit and xemacs) and
both with only tabs and tabs emulated with spaces.

I know this may be strange but has anyone had the some problem
or any hints what to do ??

thanks in advance


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